Training Equipment

Dean and Tyler Working Harness – This is the walking harness we use for our dog Coral

Dean and Tyler No-Pull Harness –  This is the no pull version (front attach) of the walking harness

Dean and Tyler Strap Extension – Although Coral is relatively small, she has a deep chest for her size.  This strap extension accomodates her chest size without having to buy a larger size harness which would have been too big for her otherwise.

The Scat Mat – a vinyl mat that delivers a mild static shock (like touching metal after walking across carpet).  Comes in a variety of shapes.
An alternative source for the Scat Mat HERE

The Scraminal – a motion detector that emits an ultrasonic sound when triggered

The SSSCat – a motion detector that releases a harmless mist when activated.  Good for keeping pets away from unwanted areas.  Best for easily interrupted behaviors. Triggered by the pet's own behavior, doesn't require the presence of the owner to activate.

The Snoot Loop – a head collar.  The Snoot Loop has some advantages over the Gentle Leader (side straps that prevent the nose loop from rotating, a more comfortable fit for dogs with shorter muzzle lengths and better ability to close the dog's mouth if necessary

The Stay Away – similar to the SSSCat, a motion detector that emits a warning tone followed by a spray of compressed air.  Tends to be a bit more startling than the SSSCat.

The Thunder Cap – formerly known as the Calming Cap – We use this often in behavior modification programs to help dogs react less to things they see that upset them

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