Webinar Courses

Click on a title to go directly to the course pages with complete descriptions and registration information.  Many of our courses are on our site PetProWebinars.com

The Sacred Cows of Dog Training: Part 1

The Sacred Cows of Dog Training:  Part 2

Understanding and Helping Fearful Animals

When Cujo Meets Pavlov – webinar course from Ms. Kathy Sdao about how to prevent and resolve leash aggression problems.

Fundamentals of Animal Learning – our 5 session webinar course on operant conditioning with tons of examples about the "four quadrants" and guidelines for the use of reinforcement and punishment (both positive and negative), including criteria for effectiveness.  After completing this course, you'll see why the focus in the dog training world has shifted more to R+ and P- and less to P+ and R-  (don't know what those notations mean?  You will when you take the course!)

Helping the Home Alone FidoA DVD training program designed for dog owners to help understand, manage, and resolve home alone problem behaviors AND ideas to help  dogs be more relaxed when home alone.  Includes written instructions and specific protocols for owners to implment

Help for Home Alone Dogs – A three session webinar course designed for the pet professional to help them help dog owners

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